さて、東京デザインプレックス研究所が受講生達に与えるものは何か。カリキュラム、サービス、システム、ネットワーク・・・、それら最適な環境を生み出すにあたってのベースとなるもの、一言でいえば「情熱」に他ならない。本校では「全受講生をプロフェッショナルデザイナーへ導く」という強い情熱のもと、持てる全ての情報とノウハウ、最適な環境を提供する。この情熱をベースとした「Give & Give & Give」の精神、そして、その実践こそが本校の最も誇れるものだと考えている。



Tokyo Designplex Institute is an educational body, specializing in Tokyo contemporary design. It is founded with an aim to fostering professional designers of the next generation. The passion for creating a full-fledged design school for adults among the academia, the design industry made it possible to start the Institute.

What does Tokyo Designplex Institute offer to the students? To create the best environment for the students, we have the basic foundation for the Institute, which includes our curriculum, services, the system, the network, etc., but the most important is the “passion” we have. The Institute provides all the information, knowledge and the best environment that it can possibly offer, with a strong commitment to leading all the students to their preferred professional paths. The act of “give & give & give,” supported by the passion are the two things that we are most proud of.

The design industry is changings various ways and new talents are necessary. The key terms for the design industry in the next generation are to think with a ‘borderless mindset’, surpassing the boundaries of nations, culture, and fields of study, the ability to ‘social design’ which consider the environmental and social issues, highlighted especially after 3.11, to provide ‘economic rationality’, for Japan’s economic conditions are unpredictable, to have ‘digital environment skills’, to adapt to the rapid technological evolution, and to have high ‘communication skills’, that allows for not only a linguistic ability, but also to optimize the social environment. The Institute shares the same view with the industry, and incorporates these as its educational concepts.

It is predicted that from now on ‘design’ will have a greater impact globally. Business industries will also establish a new business model and incorporate ‘design’ as a major factor and with this, we believe that the design industry grow drastically in the near future. Therefore those who aspire to become professional designers will have a greater chance. With the school and with the support of our affiliated enterprises and creator’s network, we invite those who wish to take this great opportunity. Let’s take the chance to be able to play the major role in the coming ‘design era’